About Our Greenhouse Company

About GreenZone

Greenzone was established in South Africa in 1992 with the purpose of manufacturing and distributing multispan greenhouses to the local horticultural sector. We have grown into one of the leading greenhouse manufactures and importing company’s over the past 22 years. We offer a wide range of solutions to the grower at international standards with the expertise and innovation from our international suppliers and partners.

Greenzone is a quality driven company that works together with its clients so that they can meet their current needs and foresee those of the future.

Greenzone is a South African based company based in Alrode South, Gauteng, South Africa.

Greenzone has also become a prominent importer of agricultural equipment into South Africa and neighbouring countries. We have completed a number of projects locally and internationally. We have projects in all the surrounding African countries and as far as KENYA, AUSTRALIA, DUBAI and RUSSIA


Greenzone is and will remain one of the leading greenhouse suppliers in South Africa.


Contact Us

221 Bosworth str South Alrode South , Gauteng

+27 11 868 1141