Tunnel Greenhouse

GreenZone has a wide range of single span greenhouses to suit your specific needs and crops. We offer various ventilation options to suit your climate and crop needs

Tunnel Greenhouses

Greenzone is a leading manufacturer and supplier of various greenhouses in South Africa, with most of our clients based in Gauteng. We manufacture and supply high quality and durable tunnels. We also provide numerous greenhouse related services and equipment that can be tailored to your specific needs and to the needs of your crops.

Benefits of a tunnel greenhouse

  • Manufactured using various materials
  • Long lifespan
  • Various ventilation and climate control options
  • Prolongs the growing season of the crops
  • Traps the necessary heat inside
  • Protects crops from harsh weathers
  • Single span or open sided
  • Designed to suit the needs of the crops
  • Large-scale commercial farming

Three standard greenhouse tunnel size:

30m x 10m x 4m high

15m x 10m x 4m high

5m x 9m x 2.4m high

Greenhouse Tunnels as Farming Solutions

Our greenhouses are durable, well priced and the perfect ventilation and heating systems can be installed. The tunnels protect your crops from intense heat, winds, excessive rain and hailstones. Plants can be grown from the soil or through hydroponic farming systems. These methods allow commercial farmers to grow their vegetation in season regardless of influences from the weather. Commercial farmers looking to produce healthier plants faster can consider tunnels as one of their options. Farmers can accurately predict when their crop will be ready and have a higher degree of control in their farming. 
This is especially very important for large-scale farming. Although harvesting in season is important in agricultural farming, producing good quality plants is also crucial. Farmers can use tunnels to ensure the quality of their produce is good and may even assist organic farmers to grow their crops by simply influencing the climate conditions that can be controlled by the tunnel. At Greenzone, ensuring that farmers attain the best value from our products is a priority. We work very close with our service providers and specialist partners to offer professional service and quality products.

What is a Greenhouse Tunnel?

These types of greenhouses are structures that are used to positively influence the growth of crops. They allow crops to be grown inside a structure and within a climate-controlled environment. This helps protect the crops from harsh winds, heavy rains and the scorching sun that is too strong for the vulnerable plants. The protection they get from the greenhouse enables them to thrive more easily.
Unlike multi span greenhouses, tunnels do not have automated ventilation and heating inside but simply extends the already existing growing season of the plant. Extending the growing season is done by simply trapping in the heat for longer even when the sun has set, and thus prolonging the process of photosynthesis and growth. The interior heats up due to the solar radiation that comes from the sun. It warms the plants and soil and traps the heat in the roof and walls for as long as possible. This allows the crops to continue to grow despite the weather conditions. The temperature, humidity and ventilation can be controlled by equipment fixed within the high tunnel

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