Turnkey Greenhouse Solutions

We offer a variety of structures with different covering to suite your needs, From small scale to large scale projects.

Covering Solutions

EU Plastic

Plastic film covering that is suitable for most crops.

Polycarb Structures

Polycarb structures are suitable for garden centres and research projects.


Tunnels are suitable for large and small scale projects with various ventilation needs.

EU Plastic

Polycarb Structures


We  offer a variety of structures with different covering to suit your needs.



Heating and cooling systems to provide the optimal growing conditions for your plants.

Full project design from smaller to large scale projects. Contact us to help you grow your future.

Climate control to monitor and stimulate the ideal growing conditions. Precise fertilization to make sure the plant gets the nutrients when it needs it.

We offer a variety of growing systems to suit each growers preferences. From traditional gutter growing systems to more advanced aeroponic growing systems.



Misting to increase the humidity to suit the growing conditions. De Humidification during periods where the humidity is too high.


De Humidification

We offer lighting designs from full spectrum to hybrid options to meet the light spectrum from indoor to greenhouse growing.


Full Spectrum

Different benching options either fixed benches or roller benches to optimize growing area.

Fixed benching

Roller benches

Climate controlled rooms to assist either in ideal cloning or drying conditions.

Drying Rooms

Cloning Rooms

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