Eu Model Greenhouse

Our Eu Model is a plastic film covered house with a bay width of 9.6M that is an economical model and is suitable for most crops with various ventilation options

Ventilation Options on EU model

The following ventilation options are available to the grower:

  • Butterfly vent – double roof vent
  • Single roof vent
  • Closed roof no vents on roof
  • Fixed roof vent
  • Roller vents on roof

Greenhouse covering is secured by channel
with spring that is reusable and resits high wind loads.

  • Gable width options 8m to 9.6m
  • Gutter sections 5m
  • Arch spacing’s 2.5m
  • Gutter heights options up to 5m

Natural Ventilated House

Naturally ventilated houses for moderate climates.

Pan and Fan House

Pad and fan house for more accurate climate control in areas with higher temperatures.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

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